Personalised Gifts

Personalised Crystal Gifts

Using the very latest state of the art laser etching technology your photo will be accurately laser etched inside a high grade optically perfect solid crystal for a truly personalised crystal gift that will be treasured forever.

Are your most treasured photos hidden away?

Many photos of once in a liftime events like weddings, special anniversaries, births or maybe a family reunion are often hidden away in boxes. Whatever the occassion; LaserPics can faithfully reproduce the photograph of that once in a lifetime event into a laser etched crystal block or Crystal Keyrings and Crystal Pendants. Personalise it with your own messsage and it can be given pride of place in any home of office. It may even possible to restore a damaged photo to preserve it forever, just contact LaserPics for more info.

Laser etched crystal personalised gifts

Using the very latest laser etching technology any photo can be accurately reproduced by laser etching inside a high grade optically perfect solid crystal. The image is engraved into the centre of the crystal so will not degrade over time.

Choose from a range of different crystal shapes and sizes of beautifully crafted high quality crystals in which your photo will be expertly laser engraved.
crystal laser etched crystal shapes
Photos can also be laser etched inside a beautiful crystal pendant or keyring.

Personal Message

Adding a personalised message (typically including a date of the event) completes that uniquely personal touch. A limit of 40 characters is recommended as more can make the picture too small, however if you really need more then LaserPics will be happy to discuss your requirements further.

Personalised Wedding gifts

Capture the best day of your life by having that special wedding day moment permanently etched into crystal. Not only does it make a great gift for the bride and groom to receive, but can also be given by the bride and groom to bridesmaids, parents or grandparents for them to treasure that memorable day forever.more...


A photo in laser etched crystal is also a perfect way to remember a departed loved one or pet and as the image is permanently laser engraved inside the crystal it will not fade allowing it to be placed outside as a memorial. more...

Laser etched crystal personalised gifts

A beautiful solid crystal captures any memorable event for ever by accurately reproducing your favorite photograph using the very latest state-of-the-art laser technology. Buy now or More info